WyeSoft MUD Assistant is a program that can be run in the background while you're playing a MUD game, enabling hotkeys which make it much easier for you to do certain things in the MUD. Some of these hotkeys are fixed to certain tasks, for example the numeric keypad's arrow keys control your movement (UP for north, DOWN for south, etc.), whereas others, such as the function keys (F1 to F12), are set to aliases which you can define within the MUD game.

WyeSoft MUD Assistant can be used alongside any telnet client or MUD client, and will even work with web-based clients. Please read the product documentation for instructions on usage and the list of hotkeys.

WyeSoft MUD Assistant was created using AutoHotkey, a free macro recording/scripting utility, which we recommend to anyone that likes to automate tasks on their computer.



A MUD (Multi-User Dungeon/Dimension/Domain) game is a modern take on the early text-based computer games, in which you are given a description of the room or area you are standing in and you have to enter text commands to make your character perform actions. You are usually told the directions in which exits are found and then you would enter "north" or "n" to exit via the path to the north for example. The main difference between the original text games and modern MUD games is that MUD games are played online and you will come across other players exploring the same world as you. Think of a MUD game as an MMORPG in the form of an interactive book.

MUD games are usually played via a telnet client (such as PuTTY, or Telnet which comes with Microsoft Windows, although you have to install it manually from Windows Vista onwards), a MUD client (which is just a telnet client with extra features specifically for use with MUDs) or through a web-based equivalent (usually on the website of the actual MUD game).

If you have never played a MUD game before but would like to try it, or you're just looking for a new MUD to play, we highly recommend Tubmud. To play it, set your Telnet or MUD client to connect to mud.tubmud.de on port 7680. The Tubmud server is based in Germany but the entire game is in English.



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